Greeting from CDWS…..


The following are the instructions that have been received from National Park regarding sharks in order to protect tourists:

  1. Snorkeling and swimming are totally stopped from all beaches for a week (starting from today 9/8/2018 to 16/8/2018) as it is only allowed in the natural bays and the shallow water and this is in the region from Marsa Trompi (north of Marsa Alam) to Marsa Samadai (south of Marsa Alam). Reopen all beaches after this week will depend on monitoring shark’s behavior and watching sharks if they are still close to the coast or not.
  2. Not allowed to attract sharks by feeding as it is against law and it puts guest’s life in risk.
  3. Not allowed to fish by using Harpoons.
  4. Not allowed to feed fish whatever they are, how big they are or wherever they are.
  5. Not allowed to swim or snorkel in deep water (drop off) away from beach or next to coral reefs.
  6. Not allowed to swim or snorkel alone , it is preferred to be in groups.
  7. Never wear shiny stuff (like chains) while you swim or snorkel.
  8. Whenever you see sharks while snorkeling or swimming, keep quiet and swim slowly toward the beach or to the boat.
  9. Whenever you see sharks while you swim or snorkel, please let us know and provide some details about size, place, time and type without put your life in any risk, please send mail to: or send to 01002080110 (only what’s app(
  10. Inform us as fast as possible whenever you see any night dive activities done by speed boats.
  11. Diving Center, safari boats and water sports centers have to watch and monitor their guest’s or worker’s behavior in the water and be sure that they follow the above instructions.

Wish you all luck and success


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